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The Doctor and Bill Potts come face to face with the man behind the disappearances on the Frost Fair, in a meeting that packs a punch.Subscribe: http://bit.l.. Directed by Bill Anderson. With Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Nicholas Burns. The Doctor and Bill visit London during the last of the River Thames frost fairs in February 1814. They soon discover that there is something under the ice which is causing people to disappear episode) This article is about the 2017 television episode. For the 2011 audio drama, see Thin Ice (Doctor Who audio). Thin Ice is the third episode of the tenth series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It is written by Sarah Dollard and was broadcast on 29 April 2017 on BBC One Thin Ice ist die 293. Episode der Serie Doctor Who und lief als vierte Episode der 36. Staffel. 1 Handlung 2 Mitwirkende 3 Anmerkungen und Bezüge zu anderen Episoden 4 Hintergrundinformation Die TARDIS hat den Doctor und Bill anstatt zurück nach Bristol ins London des Jahres 1814 gebracht. Dor Thin Ice: Doctor Who - The Lost Stories (Hörbuch-Download): Amazon.de: Marc Platt, Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Beth Chalmers, Big Finish Productions: Audible Audiobook

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  1. Thin Ice (Doctor Who episode), a tenth series, Twelfth Doctor episode Thin Ice , an episode of the 1985 series; Other uses. Thin Ice (band), an American Christian hardcore band; Thin Ice, a board game; Thin Ice, a 1956 work by Compton Mackenzie; Thin Ice (Doctor Who audio), 2011 Thin Ice, a 1986 Little River Band song from the album No Reins The Thin Ice, a 1979 Pink Floyd son
  2. Mit der Folge Thin Ice setzt die UK-Serie Doctor Who nahtlos dort an, wo sie letzte Woche aufhörte. Der Doctor und Bill finden sich auf dem letzten Frostjahrmarkt im Jahre 1814 auf einer.
  3. Thin Ice: 28/04/2017: London, 1814. The entire city has turned out for the biggest Frost Fair in decades! But beneath the frozen Thames, revellers are disappearing, snatched through the ice. Pulled into the depths where a terrifying monster lurks. Will the Doctor and Bill stop the slaughter before they too are dragged into the icy waters? Human progress isn't measured by industry. It's.
  4. The Doctor takes Bill back in time but there's something lurking under the ice... Subscribe for more exclusive Doctor Who clips and content: http://bit.ly/Su..
  5. Doctor Who: Series 10. Adventures across time and space with the time-travelling hero. Doctor Who. Adventures in Space and Time. Galleries. Looking back on Thin Ice. Thin Ice: Behind the Scenes.
  6. (TV: Thin Ice) Behaviour [edit | edit source] Neither the Doctor nor Bill knew what would happen when the creature was freed. Instead of lashing out at her captors, the creature, once freed, swam away to the ocean. Despite her colossal size, she was careful not to harm anyone or collide with the bridges and buildings lining the river at South Bank
  7. The Doctor: Well, that would explain the lack of humanity. What makes you so sure your life is worth more than those people out there on the ice? Is it the money? The accident of birth, that puts.

Doctor Who - Series 10: 3. Thin Ice. Doctor Who. Series 10: 3. Thin Ice. Sci-fi drama. London, 1814. The entire city has turned out for the biggest Frost Fair in decades. But beneath the frozen. Thin Ice. Sylvester McCoy (), Sophie Aldred (), Ricky Groves (Markus Creevy), Beth Chalmers (Lt Raina Kerenskaya/Sezhyr), Nicholas Briggs (), John Albasiny (Major Maxim Alexandrovitch Felnikov), Nigel Lambert (Adjudicator/Vitali Semyonovitch Wolshkin/Glarva), John Banks (Yevgeni/Yasha Lemayev)Moscow 1967. The Doctor and Ace have arrived behind the Iron Curtain, and the Soviet Union is seeking. Doctor Who Thin Ice (S10E03 - 2017.04.29) quotes on planetclaireTV. On the subject of an elephant and a frozen Thames Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie): Okay, I have questions. {The Doctor goes back in the TARDIS} Bill: You neve Englischer Titel: Thin Ice Deutscher Titel: Dünnes Eis . Es ist das Jahr 1814. Die Themse ist in der kalten Jahreszeit eingefroren und der letzte Wintermarkt des Jahres findet auf dem Eis statt. Der Doctor und Bill haben gerade erst damit begonnen die zahlreichen Attraktionen des Marktes zu genießen, als seltsame Lichter unter ihren Füssen vorbeigleiten. Danach müssen sie einen jungen.

Thin Ice ist der Titel zweier unterschiedliche Doctor Who-Geschichten: Thin Ice - ein Hörpiel der Reihe The Lost Stories mit dem Siebten Doctor, Thin Ice - eine Episode der 36. Staffel mit dem Zwölften Doctor A page for describing Recap: Doctor Who S36 E3 Thin Ice. The one where the Doctor punches a racist. Notable for being the first historical adventure since Thin Ice é o terceiro episódio da décima temporada da série de ficção científica britânica Doctor Who, transmitido originalmente através da BBC One em 29 de abril de 2017. Foi escrito por Sarah Dollard e dirigido por Bill Anderson

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Tags: Download, Thin Ice. Talvez você goste também. S11E10 - The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos 10 de dezembro de 2018 DOCTOR WHO: S10E10 - The Eaters of Light 19 de junho de 2017 S11E02 - The Ghost Monument 14 de outubro de 2018 The Time of the Doctor 25 de dezembro de 2013. Assine o nosso podcast. Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Android by Email RSS. Categorias. Categorias. Mais lidas. Doctor Who: Thin Ice Review. Life lessons of a companion. By Scott Collura. Posted: 29 Apr 2017 7:20 pm. Spoilers follow for this episode of Doctor Who. Last week it was to the future for the. Doctor Who And The Thin Ice Following a thoroughly exasperated-sounding look at 2014's Night Terrors - much of which I spent reminiscing about discontinued Monster Munch flavours and shouting at Jimmy McGovern - I quietly withdrew from reviewing 'new' episodes of Doctor Who

Der Serientrailer zur Episode Thin Ice der Serie Doctor Who. Jetzt Doctor Who 10x03 Trailer bei Serienjunkies kostenlos anschauen Doctor-Who.it. Cerca. Menu principale Vai al contenuto. Home; Lista episodi; Facebook; Contatti; Ricerca per: Archivi tag: Thin Ice Decima stagione, Sottotitoli. Sottotitoli 10×03 - Thin Ice. 3 Maggio 2017 Laz 3 commenti. Sì, lo scorso week-end eravamo tutti via! Ci dispiace, ma non abbiamo proprio avuto modo di fare i sottotitoli in tempo utile. Ormai non serviranno più a nessuno, ma per. Doctor Who: Thin Ice ★★★★★ The last great frost fair on the Thames sees undercurrents of bondage, racism and inhumanity bubbling to the surfac «Heute: Die dritte Folge der 10. Staffel auf BBC One! review thin ice whoview doctor who. André McFly 29. April 2017 29. April 2017 Die gesamte Größe beträgt 1150 × 400 Pixe

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Thin Ice, from Sarah Dollard, last responsible in Who for Face The Raven (sort-of-killing Clara in your first Who script isn't a quiet way to start!), picks up immediately from the dropping off.. Doctor Who: Thin Ice Released April 2011 Written by Marc Platt. Starring Sylvester McCoy Sophie Aldred. From US $12.99. CD US $20.35 Buy Download US $12.99 Buy Bundles Login to wishlist.

'Doctor Who' recap: 'Thin Ice' Nivea Serrao. Entertainment Weekly. April 30, 2017. Reblog. Share. Tweet . Share. Bill may have chosen to go the future last week, but as this week's episode shows. But this week's Doctor Who episode, Thin Ice, wasn't just a good sci-fi story with a monster and fancy top hats. It was a pact with the audience, a renewal of faith. It was a reminder of the.. Thin Ice is not simply a story about a monster that eats people to survive. After The Doctor and Bill do a spot of deep sea diving and discover the sea creature is actually a lonely, desperate prisoner, the focus of the story turns to the man whose family presumably kept the creature chained up for centuries in order to exploit it. It produces a fuel for the Sutcliffe dynasty's steel. Doctor Who TV's pre-air verdict on the third episode of Series 10. 10 Teasers for Thin Ice. April 26, 2017. Hints and teasers for the third episode of Series 10. Series 10: Thin Ice Promo Pics. April 25, 2017 . Lots of images from the third episode of Series 10. Next Time: Thin Ice. April 22, 2017. Sneak peek at the third episode of Series 10. Thin Ice - Official Synopsis. April 12, 2017.

A new trailer for Doctor Who's next episode, 'Thin Ice', showcases the next big bad that the Twelfth Doctor and Bill have to face By Rose Moore Apr 24, 2017 Doctor Who is two episodes into its 10th season, and still exploring the relationship between the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his new companion, Bill (Pearl Mackie) Doctor Who: Thin Ice Review & Discussion. The Doctor and Bill investigate a monster in the Thames, and discover that even in this strange place not everything is as it seems. Doctor Who season 10 is something of an odd duck. Every episode is tasked with being as much of an introduction as it is preparation for a farewell Street urchins Kitty and Spider (Austin Taylor) collude to steal the sonic screwdriver, and a chase ensues. When Spider is sucked under the ice, the Doctor can do little except watch the boy die.

The Doctor and Bill walk the frozen River Thames. However, beneath the frozen river, something is stirring.Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToDoctorWhoTaken.. Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 3: Thin Ice Summary: The Tardis lands in Regency-era London, where the Doctor and Bill attend the last of the great frost fairs. However, sinister forces are afoot, and something is stirring under the frozen surface of the River Thames Thin Ice allows Bill Potts to see back into her own planet's past, but it also reveals some upsetting truths about the Doctor and the kind of events at which he tends to appear. It also echoes the events in The Beast Below, albeit hundreds of years into the past The Doctor and Bill unexpectedly arrive in 1814 to discover a frozen Thames hosting London's biggest frost fair. While Bill is apprehensive about meddling with the past, the Doctor convinces her to enjoy the moment, but when people start disappearing beneath the ice, the Doctor begins to question the Doctor's moral compass With this and the scene in which Ace finally has a go at the Doctor for once more keeping his motives secret from her truly powerful standouts, 'Thin Ice' is able to overcome a somewhat uneven pace and somewhat subdued musical score that don't quite recapture the end of the McCoy era as intended

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  1. Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 4 Quotes. Human progress isn't measured by industry. It's measured by the value you place on a life. An unimportant life
  2. Despite its clichéd title, Thin Ice is an okay story, but 1988-89 gave us not a run of okay stories, but seven of the best Doctor Who stories ever made. And Silver Nemesis, but let's not talk about that. Thin Ice (by Marc Platt; starring Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred) was released by Big Finish Productions in April 2011
  3. Thin Ice é o terceiro episódio da décima temporada da série de ficção científica britânica Doctor Who, transmitido originalmente através da BBC One em 29 de abril de 2017. Foi escrito por Sarah Dollard e dirigido por Bill Anderson. Neste episódio, o alienígena viajante do tempo conhecido como o Doutor e sua companheira Bill Potts, pousam na última feira sobre o rio Tâmisa congelado em 1814 e descobrem que uma criatura marítima gigante que vive embaixo do rio está sendo.
  4. g behind his companion's back, the Doctor riding a motorcycle and the return of a classic.
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Doctor Who series 10, episode 3 review: 'Thin Ice' is a fun romp with hidden depths This trip to the Frost Fair deserves a warm reception. By Morgan Jeffer TV Review: Doctor Who Episode 10.3 Thin Ice starring Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, and Peter Singh. Air date: April 29, 2017. BBC America Thin Ice. APRIL 2011 (4 EPISODES) The term Lost Stories is an exceedingly broad one. As we've seen from recent Big Finish releases under the banner, it is capable of encompassing anything from the pilot of . an aborted American spin-off series to a script rapidly rattled off by a writer to demonstrate his skill to would-be employers. When I think of Lost Stories though, my mind is inevitably.

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  1. Thin Ice is an enjoyable romp through Georgian England that showcases ones of the more fantastical curiosities of London life, the Frost Fairs, while providing a quintessentially Who-ish explanation for their existence. Excellent development of the Doctor/Bill relationship, top production values, a fun story with a moral message, and the Doctor punched a racist in the face
  2. DOCTOR WHO: THIN ICE (S10E03) 4/24/2017 Comments Throughout the run of 2005+ DOCTOR WHO, I've traditionally felt the second episodes of each Season/Series - whether they be a standalone tales or the closure of a two-parter - were frustratingly weak when compared to the stories which preceded them. Until last weekend, the only possible exceptions to this trend (to my recollection, at least.
  3. Doctor Who - Thin Ice Back. Event Date(s): 29th Apr 2017. Event web link: Click here . Reviewed by: Corrina Readioff, University of Liverpool . Reviewed on: 26th May 2017. A frosty river, a strange creature lurking beneath the icy crust, and mysterious lights that lure unsuspecting fair-goers to their deaths: all the makings of a straightforward monster-slaying episode of the BBC's iconic.
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Thin Ice (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories, 2.03) Audio CD - April 30, 2011 by Marc Platt (Author) 4.9 out of 5 stars 7 ratings. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Audible Audiobook, Original recording Please retry $0.00 . Free with your Audible trial: Audio CD Please retry $24.99 . $24.94: $6.12: Audiobook $0.00 Free with your Audible. Thin Ice is the sort of story people love when it is safely in the '70s, but who wonder if it is talking about them now. Good. Art is politics, and Doctor Who, in the age of Trump, has brought a. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Thin Ice, The Doctor and Bill travel to London in 1814, and discover that a gigantic creature is living under the iced-over Thames...

Today is the Twelfth Doctor adventure Thin Ice... Thin Ice is set on, under or about the River Thames in 1814. There is a Frost Fair taking place. These were an actual thing back when the Little Ice Age meant that British winters were a little more severe than they are now, so the Thames froze over solidly enough to allow a fair to set up on its surface. This being Doctor Who there is more to Doctor Who: Thin Ice (S10E03) pits race against time travel. Posted by The Craggus on April 30, 2017 July 5, 2020. Bill's real world nous and sci-fi savvy is proving to be a real asset to the current season of Doctor Who. After last week's detour into whimsical fairy tale storytelling, Thin ice brings us solidly back to a more grounded Who, and adds a dash of realism that has often. Thin Ice mostly revolved around the Doctor and Bill being awesome. The only other thing I could criticize is the simplicity of the plot. Actually, simple storylines have been a characteristic of every episode so far this year. In the end, however, I'm not sure this is a bad thing. In this particular phase of Doctor Who, characters are more important than plot. Twelve is leaving. Bill. Thin Ice is a classic, thoroughly entertaining Doctor Who episode with a plot that finally breaks the ice on series 10 of the popular sci-fi show, while still having time to put kids (both on. Doctor Who, Season 10 will see Peter Capaldi embark on his thrilling final chapter as the Twelfth Doctor as well as the introduction of brand new companion Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts and the return of Matt Lucas as Nardole. Fantastic adventures and terrifying monsters await the team of heroes as they journey through space and time in this latest instalment of the globally-renowned drama.

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The Doctor and Bill arrive at the last of the great frost fairs, and find themselves investigating a string of impossible disappearances - people have been vanishing on the ice! Bill is about to discover that the past is more like her world than she expected, and that not all monsters come from outer spac TV Review: Doctor Who 10×03 Thin Ice Travis Hymas May 6, 2017. BBC America. 0 Shares 0 0 0 0. I had a total of two thoughts going through my head during this week's episode of Doctor Who. Doctor Who 10×03 Thin Ice: Bill (PEARL MACKIE), The Doctor (PETER CAPALDI) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Simon Ridgway In Doctor Who 10×03, the Doctor and Bill traveled back to 1814. Picking up right where the previous episode left off, the Time Lord and his companion exited the TARDIS to find a world so different than their own that Bill thought it might be a parallel reality

Its waste is being turned into a high-end fuel, so Sutcliffe is making a fortune out of selling the stuff. Handing the decision to Bill, The Doctor rearranges the trap to free the sea creature, who eats Sutcliffe before making its way out to sea. Thin Ice is the best episode of this season yet. Sarah Dollard crafted this episode with a level of skill and care that may fall flat in a lesser writer's hand. Not only does it take on The Doctor's hard edges, but it doesn't. Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, 12th doctor, bill potts, twelfth doctor Thin Ice: Official Ratings Latest from the news site: Official figures released by the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board or BARB, give Doctor Who - Thin Ice an official rating of 5.51 million..

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I was really looking forward to Thin Ice because Marc Platt's Ghost Light is my favourite McCoy story but this Russian Martian drama lacks his debut stories atmosphere, scares or intelligence and feels bloated well beyond its ability to entertain. Ken Bentley's usually stellar direction falls way short of the mark, the story is timidly brought to life and inexplicably lacks the bang-for. A particular highlight is when Bill and The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) have a brief mention about the whitewashing of period Hollywood dramas, which is an issue that has cropped up recently in the mainstream media

Explore Doctor Who. Explore and research the doctors along with all the past, present and future friends and enemies of Doctor Who [10x03] Dünnes Eis / Thin Ice 21.06.2017, 13:33 Der Doctor und Bill kommen zur letzten der großen Frost-Jahrmärkte an, um eine Reihe möglicher Fälle von Verschwinden zu untersuchen. Episodeninfos: Länge: 44 Minuten Original-Erstausstrahlung: Sa 29.04.2017 Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Mi 13.12.2017 Doctor: Nr. 12 - Peter Capaldi Companion: Bill Potts 1 Stimmen ***** Die beste Folge. Doctor Who #1003 - Thin Ice by redsayn on April 29, 2017. This was, without a doubt, my favourite episode of the season so far. To begin, the acting was phenomenal. Peter Capaldi's Doctor. Thin Ice - Doctor Who Review There's a monster living under the Thames, and it's eating people. An ice covered river, street urchins, and the Doctor in a top hat - this episode has it all. A definite improvement on last week, resolution-wise, but somewhat lacking in a grand climax. There are some wonderful moments, [ TV Reviews Doctor Who (2005) Season 10 Episode 3: Thin Ice Review. Keith Noakes April 29, 2017. If you would like to read my review of the last episode, click here. Synopsis: The Doctor and Bill visit London during the last of the River Thames frost fairs in February 1814. They soon discover that there is something under the ice which is causing people to disappear.  (IMDB) Writer: Sarah.

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The Doctor and Bill revisit an old Who trope on Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 3, Thin Ice.. Many aspects of Thin Ice feel familiar. Much like its almost spiritual predecessor, The Beast Below (Season 5 Episode 2), the episode's focus is less on the mechanics of plot and far more about the moral and ethical complications of humanity using and abusing nature for its gain Listen to Episode #60: Thin Ice, Hot Topics by Doctor Who: The Impossible Gir for free. Follow Doctor Who: The Impossible Gir to never miss another show Thin Ice also didn't brush the racial issue under the carpet, with Bill commenting very early about how being a black woman in 19th-century London isn't going to be easy. I don't recall Martha saying anything similar during Series 3 with David Tennant's Doctor, but surely she must have. Amusingly, the issue of race wasn't a big problem, with many of the supporting cast and. Doctor Who Thin Ice subtítulos. AKA: The Ghost Monument, Doctor Who, Thin Ice, Rosa, The Haunting of Villa Diodat Welcome back to another review of the tenth series of Doctor Who! This week's episode, entitled Thin Ice, was written by Sarah Dollard and directed by Bill Anderson. In the episode, the Doctor and Bill arrive in London, 1814. The entire city has turned out for the biggest Frost Fair in decades. But beneath the frozen Thames

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Doctor Who: Thin Ice April 29, 2017 James F. McGrath Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Patheos has the views of the prevalent religions. Doctor Who: Thin Ice, series 10 episode 3 review - a touch of nostalgia keeps old-fashioned caper rollicking along Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie as The Doctor and Bill Credit: BBC Michael Hogan. DOCTOR WHO SERIES 10 EPISODE 3 Thin Ice by Sarah Dollard PINK SCRIPT 08/08/2016 (SHOOTING BLOCK 2) 1 EXT. THE THAMES FROST FAIR - DAY 15 - 14.30 1 We pick up where we left off. BILL boggles at the elephant. The ice. The noisy, cheerful REVELLERS in period dress. Blackfriars Bridge. St Paul's on the foggy skyline. Snow falling. BILL Okay. So I have questions. THE DOCTOR licks a finger.

When the Doctor lands in 19th century London during the frost fair he discovers a creature living in the Thames under the ice. Among the performers at the frozen fair are a couple of men wrestling and are shown doing a couple of different slams and a suplex, one of the wrestlers is played by British independent wrestler JD Knight The Time Scales presents 103 community ratings and 12 reviews for Big Finish - Doctor Who 2.3 - Thin Ice Doctor Who Thin Ice - REview with Spoilers (too old to reply) The Doctor 2017-04-29 19:30:30 UTC. Permalink. Wow! This is mindblowing!! 9/10 !! No explanation to what the creature in the Thames is or what came about, but a good storyline! The Doctor and Bill are in London 1814 where an ice carnival is happening. So the TARDIS does land and should check his scanner before going out. Privilege.

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The truth of the matter is, he's just seen a kid die, and while Into the Dalek Twelfth Doctor might not have cared, Thin Ice Doctor has grown to care too much, but has to pretend he. Award-winning, full-cast original audio dramas from the worlds of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Blake's 7, Class, Dark Shadows, The Avengers, Survivors, The Omega Factor, Star Cops, Sherlock Holmes, Dorian Gray, Pathfinder Legends, The Prisoner, Adam Adamant Lives, Space 1999, Timeslip and Terrahawks, Space Precinct, Into Infinity, Gemini Force On

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Doctor Who Boss Steven Moffat Answers Our Burning Questions After the Surprisingly Deep Thin Ice By Kaitlin Thomas @thekaitling Apr 30, 2017 1:00 AM EDT Now Playin More Thin Ice (S10E03) is the third episode of season ten of Doctor Who (2005) released on Sat Apr 29, 2017. Over 10,831 TV Time users rated it a 16.6/10 with their favorite characters being Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, Police Public Call Box as TARDIS and Peter Capaldi as The Twelfth Doctor Doctor Who 'Thin Ice' Review. Posted by StaticScreens on April 29, 2017. Warning- Contains spoilers for Doctor Who You don't steer the Tardis you reason with it The arrival of Bill has honestly brought new life into Doctor Who, the chemistry between Capaldi and Mackie and the return to an episodic view has made the past three episodes of Doctor Who feel like a return to the old. Doctor Who - Season 10: Thin Ice - London, 1814, beneath the frozen Thames, people are disappearing Doctor Who 10×3 Thin Ice May 1, 2017 Lauren Gallo Leave a comment. Where we last off with The Doctor and Bill, they were trying to get back from the future in time for tea only to find themselves landing on a frozen Thames River in Regency London. 1814 to be precise. Thin Ice opens with them finding themselves amidst a frost fair, in what the Doctor says was the last great frost.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Thin Ice (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories, 2.03) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users In Thin Ice, the T.A.R.D.I.S whisks Bill and The Doctor off to a frozen-over Thames River in 1814. Personally, I was on the same side as Bill on this one. She questions The Doctor about how. The Doctor Who episode 'Thin Ice' is an allegory for slavery. Liam Hogan . Follow. May 9, 2017 · 9 min read. If you wish to support my work, you can make a donation here. While many.

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